Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Dilemma

I've been busy these past couple months, stressing over job hunting, depressed, lacking in friendship and realizing that I mostly have acquaintances.  But I've reflected and change my views on certain people and starting to get back on track to happiness.  During this time I was job hunting and finding a huge lack of jobs in my field, they either was people to do the work for free or prices so low that is is laughable.  I've tried looking at the gaming side but they only want people who have experience, that old catch 22 bull shit.  So as a result I have to look outside of my desire career path and into other work.

In my last post I mentioned I had a job interview that I felt bomb.  I didn't hear back from them after a week so I knew I didn't get the job.  So I looked else where and in mid May I accepted an offer for retail sales at a high end store.  It's only seasonal for there anniversary sale which last a month but with a possibility of staying on longer depending if they have room/ how well i do in sales.  So ok, not the best situation but at least it's something and maybe with room to move up depending on how well I do.

Here's the twist.  Two days ago I got a call from that company that I interviewed with over a month ago and didn't hear back, asking if I was still looking for work.  Long story short I went in for an interview yesterday for this company for the same position (turns out the person that got it originally was a referral and wasn't that computer savvy) and there is a good chance I may get this position.

Now I'm stuck with the dilemma of working retail for at least a month and maybe have the option to stay on or go to a different store.  Or do I quite before I start the retail job and go with this office job (if I get it...which I wont know until Monday).  Both have there pros and cons and I've been weighting them each and haven't reached a dissension yet.  I have given myself until Friday to decided what to do if I am given the job. 

Either way I have a job so I can pay my bills and buy a new computer soon.  I'll try to keep you little bots more up to date.  I'm usually active on twitter and instagram.  You can find those link on the left hand side.  See you soon little bots when I tell you what happens next.

see you on the other side

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wearing Many Hats

Hello little bots, sorry for the unexpected hiatus.  Last week I was out of town visiting my parents and just didn't feel like writing a blog.  But I'm back, finishing up on this mix for STIFF before Friday and looking for a part tie job. so lets jump into what's new with me.

Two weeks ago I helped out with Women in Film TST event, April's event was speed networking.  In one way I like it because you meet so many at once, but on the other hand you are stuck with someone you aren't interested in talking to or someone you want to talk to more times up and you have to move on.  At the event I meet a few people who may have possible future gig opportunities for me.  I just have to set up time and meetings with these people.  But I don't know my solid scheduled until I know for sure if I got this one job until the end of this week. 

So I've been sending out vast amount of resumes to many companies for a varied positions.  This one company who uses those damn recruiter people to "help" you with sending them your resume.  Let me stress I hate recruiters, they don't know jack shit about half of the job description and and what you have on your resume.  This recruiter I had didn't know the job description well and had such a thick Indian accent that I couldn't understand him.   I've sent him a copy of my resume 3times, each time him asking me to redo it so I can add more detail information on my past work.  Mind you with each revision I've dumb down the description of what I did in each job so much that a 2 year old would understand.  Eventually I just gave up on him and found  a direct email to the company's hiring director. 

Last week I went to the dentist for a cleaning, normal across the board.  But on Thursday my man had to go in for his wisdom teeth removal and 1 other tooth to be removed as well.  If you follow me on twitter you would have seen my conversation with him as he was getting them removed.  It freaked me out at first until I remembered he had his MS wrist band which he can text on. 

For the past 4 days I was taking care of him, except when I had to run out on Friday for a job interview which I think I fucked up on and didn't get the job.  Unfortunately I wont know for sure until the end of this week when they have made there decision. 

I also was out all day Saturday at a baby shower near my mom's house.  I didn't want to go to the shower, I find them boring, I have nothing in common with these people I went to high school with, and it serves as a reminder as one of the many reasons why I do not want children.  The only reason I went was because of my mother.  Which turned out she didn't want to go either.  We could have saved time and shipped our gifts to the new baby brat and be done with it!

After the shower I had to run all the way back to my house, check to make sure my man was still alive, and get ready for another event that night for a friends birthday party up on Capitol Hill.  This party/event I wanted to go to.  I had a blast, it was Thor themed and I wore my fuzzy viking hat and furry vest.  I got tipsy, danced all crazy, got caught up with friends that I haven't seen in forever, and just had a good time. 

Now I just have to finish up this mix with some bad audio recordings that are supper reverby.   Luckily my director knows this and is understanding as to why some sounds cant be fixed in post.  Have a good week little bots and I will see you next Monday.

See you on the other side

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Home Alone Kinda Week

Happy Tuesday little bots, Last week I was home alone while my man zipped off to London for a week on business.  Needless to say I was going stir crazy and having freaky ass dreams about ghosts.  So when he returned on Sunday night and decided to take the day off yesterday to recoup, I became his shadow for the day.  That's why there wasn't a post yesterday, so thus I'm making it up today.

Last week was pretty boring and uneventful, but I did go to Nordstrom, lush and Sephora with my mom one day and have an impromptu spa night by myself.  At Nordstrom's I got this cute "grown-up" friendship bracelet with these cute charms on it.  I took one picture of it while waiting for my mom to finish up in the bathroom; and now after many likes on instagram, Nordstrom has reached out to me asking to use my picture on  So now you can see my bathroom pic of my bracelet on Nordstrom's page. 

When my man returned on Sunday he brought with him gifts and booze.  So below is a quick slide show of what he brought back:
Buckingham Palace's chocolates

Tonk's wand from Harry Potter (replica from the film)

The little stand it came with

Bead Union Jack bracelet from the British Museum

Corgi key chain from Buckingham Palace

Cat head statue from the British Museum

Nimbus from the British Museum
Scotch from the duty free
Yes I was jealous that he went, but he wants to go back so we are going to save money so we can go in a couple of years.  Also we can pick out the right hotel and where we want to go.

This week is another Women in Film event that I'm helping out with and possibly some running away on my part to my parents house early next week for some teeth cleaning.

See you on the other side

Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm Back,Bots!

Wheee, so I've been gone for quite some time. Almost a month if I remember correctly. Off the bat, so sorry to all my little bots that still follow me. But if you have followed me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram you would have seen all my progress photos of that damn Ivy costume plus some more awesom things.

What other awesome thing you might ask? Well for starters I hacked off all my hair.

Yup, I was sick of the dead/split ends and weight of the hair when I washed it. Truth be told I told no one and I wasn’t originally going to be this short. Ah fuck it. Hair grows.

This past month I was finishing up the trailer for the documentary i'm going to be working on this May. That is all finished up, had a few tweaks but over all it turned out great. You can watch the trailer here:

For a majority of the past 2 weeks before Emerald City Comic Con I was working on that damn Ivy costume. It took for ever to sew every leaf by hand onto the body suit and hand stitch the embroidery as well. The night before I went I was stitching on the embroidery to the suite. To be honest, I'm not 100% happy with the costume. There were some more embroidery that need to be done and added, as well as add more pizazz to the bustle as well. But for a first showing it was ok. For the pictures I saw I see that I really need to lose weight. Hot damn, those thunder thighs. But it was good to see my self in that light and to motivate myself to losing weight again.

So I premiered Poison Ivy on Saturday, here are some of the pictures and you can view the full album of un-edited pictures on my flicker site here: Poison Ivy

The amazing Mikozilla in her fem Varric

My man bought a back up costume for me just incase I couldn’t get together. It was a Harley Quinn from Arkham City. I had a lot of fun with this costume, might make a better one for Pax Prime if I have time. Here are some pics of her and a link to the flicker album: Harley Quinn

The low points of the con were:
  • saying goodbye to my friend Katie who is moving down to California for school
  • almost being hit by a car while crossing in the cross walk with it was green.
  • Having the most shittiest waitress in all the land at the Hard Rock Cafe, it was so bad we didn’t even leave her a tip. We never do that but when you ignore us for the entire time we are there and give my boyfriend an attitude when as for the check, you don’t deserve one bitch.
Last week was con recovery, and getting my man ready to go over to London on a business trip for a whole week. I'm sad he is gone this week but I'm more upset at myself for not going over there. * sigh* I guess this means I just have to save up money for the next couple of years so I can go over and have a kick ass time in England... maybe try to attend London Comic Con while I'm there as well...

This week I'm hanging with the cats, trying to find a part time job, and try not to go crazy while my man is away in London.

See you on the other side

Monday, March 9, 2015

Too Busy Sewing To Post

So sorry for being quiet this past week little bots, I've been franticly trying to get my Poison Ivy costume done in time for Emerald City Comic Con. I've been posting progress pictures on my Instagram, when I'm 100% done I will post all the photos up on this blog so you can see it from start to finish. The biggest part of the project hands done thus far is the embroidery. As of right now, I have 1 ½ pieces done out of 7... Yeah I'm feeling behind.

So I will be posting on this blog once this costume is done. I will post on Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram of a few progress pictures, but I really need to sit down and plow threw this embroidery and sewing on hundred of leaves. Sorry, love you all little bots, I will be back.

See you on the other side.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sound Mix, Check, Cosplay Coming Along

I'm really doubting we are going to get a normal rainy Seattle winter and spring this year.  I love the rain and dark gloomy weather, it's the only time i get to wrap myself up in baggy comfy clothing and no one cares.  But alas, it appears we will be having a warm spring and summer which usually follows into fall.  I don't look good in summer cloths.  I want to be a sloth. 

Enough about the "beautiful" weather, I'm happy to say that the trailer that I received last week I've finished.  Cleaned up the audio, mixed it, and sent it out on Friday.  Now I'm just waiting to hear if they need anything tweaked since they are presenting this on Thursday and I personally would like at least 2 days to fix anything before the meeting. 

With my sound projects done, I'm shifting focus to my Poison Ivy cosplay For ECCC.  I had to hand set the sheer top which took forever to do.  but that is now done and I plan on tacking it on to the body suite today and sketch out the embroidery pattern for the top.  My goal this week is to Have a good portion of the embroidery done and work on the bustle this weekend when my man can help me.  If all goes well I will have progress photos next Monday. 

I have a busy week ahead of me little bots, See you Friday!

See you on the other side

Friday, February 27, 2015

Loot Crate UnBoxing: Febuary 2015-Play

This week I received my monthly Loot Crate, this months theme was Play.  When I opened the box I was supper excited and loved everything in it.  So I thought I would show you little bots what is inside:

First up is the pin:

The the ever important Magazine (I really wish that I got the mega crate this month... it had a 3D printer):

The Loot Crate box this month is a bord game, which is awesome!  I will be keeping the box:

There is a Rock,Paper, Scissors Dice:

And Super Fighter Card Game:

A Pac-Man poster:
Firefly Online item code:

I love this book, glad to have it in physical form, Ready Player One:

They also threw in a Hexbug, my cats like to follow it around the house:

And finally for the creative types DYI Munny Figure with wipe off markers:

Over all a great crate this month.  They have already anounced next month's crate theme: Covert!  Fingers crossed they have something from Archer in there.  To late to get this months crate but there is still time to sign up for March at  Have a good Friday bots and I will see you Monday.

See you on the other side